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    XCMG Loader Buckets/All types of Excavator Buckets/XCMG Made All types of Machines

    Xuzhou Fangzheng Machinery Centre is import & export agent who is specialized in the heavy-duty cars,special vehicles,building machinery, construction machinery and all kinds of machineries parts.Since the founding of the centre, we have won the trust and good evaluation from the vast clients with upholding our business purpose of“integrity-based, customer first,”invariably.At present, the centre is dealing in the buckets for all types of excavators and scraper pans for all types of loaders and construction machinery and spare parts of XCMG, such as, loaders,excavators,road rollers,motor graders,bulldozers,rotary drilling rig,,truck crane,pavers, forklifts,dumper,

    concrete mixing plant, cncrete trailer pump,and agitator truck.
    Facing the intense market competition, we are constantly improving our management level by the enterprise itself and devoting ourselves to realize our strategic development objectives with specilization and colletivization in order to offer better service for our clients in our uncomparable supplying advantage with the ideas of continuous exploration,honesty ,integrity and pursuing perfection.

    Main Market

    The scopes of production marketing: including: Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia,Central Asia, Southeast Asia,The Middle East, Africa, Australia,the United States,the Unite Kingdom, Poland,Holland,Italy, and Russia,ect.most countries and regions.Our products are popular for local people and users with their love and praise.

    Main Products

    1.Different models of buckets for different brands excavators
    They are Komatsu, Cat, Hitachi, Hynix ,Liebheer, Doosan, Kobelco,Katou,and Sumitomo.
    2.All types of shovels for different loaders made from XCMG
    Loaders F series: LW300F, LW420F, LW500F.
    Loaders K series: LW300K, LW350K, LW500K, LW400K-Ⅱ,LW600K, LW800K, LW300K-Ⅱ/Ⅲ, LW350K-Ⅱ, LK500K-Ⅱ/Ⅲ.
    Loaders G series:ZL50G, LW820G
    3.Overall units and parts of construction machinery and building machinery

    XCMG products:Loaders, Excavators, Road rollers, Motor graders, Bulldozers, Rotary drilling rig, Truck crane, Pavers, Forklifts, dumpers, concrete mixing plants, cncrete trailer pumps,and agitator trucks,ect.








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